On Fridays we watch film noir: The Third Man (1949)


My obsession with this film led me to visit the CafĂ© Mozart, the Prater and even a little cinema in Vienna where it’s still shown once a week. It combines two of my great passions, Orson Welles and film noir. What shocked me was that none of my friends or relatives had seen it. Of course you’re all film fans on here but if by any chance you consider yourself a film lover and still don’t know it, please find an evening to watch it. Everything about the film is perfect – Graham Greene’s terrific screenplay combined with Carol Reed’s direction, Anton Karas’ infectious zither music, Robert Krasker’s brilliant cinematography, wonderful performances by everyone but of course Orson Welles steals the show as the charming racketeer Harry Lime. The haunting ruins and shadows of post-war Vienna are used to maximum effect, especially the famous finale in the sewers. Pure genius.