On Fridays we watch film noir: Point Blank (1967)


I thought as it’s Lee Marvin’s birthday today, we’d choose this as our neo noir by the great John Boorman. He plays Walker (we never learn his first name), a man double crossed and left to die by his best friend Mal (the wonderful and underrated John Vernon. It’s also worth mentioning Angie Dickinson providing excellent support as Walker’s sister-in-law later on) on Alcatraz during a money drop. He returns to San Francisco years later to get back his 93,000 dollars, an amount repeated so often which becomes almost mythical. The first few minutes are difficult and fragmented, making it hard to work out what’s going on but stick with it – this is a remarkable, hard boiled noir that only Lee Marvin could play and in my opinion, it’s his best role. It’s worth noting that despite the violence in the film, Walker doesn’t kill anyone, he’s just a lone man taking on the big players. A raw and haunting film with a fantastic score and amazing photography, reflecting the paranoia and sense of alienation of the late sixties.


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