On the bedside reading table


I’ll be honest, I don’t read for long in bed. As much as I’d like to get through whole chapters, my eyes often start to feel heavy after ten minutes and I switch off the light. Somehow it doesn’t feel quite right just to get into bed and not read anything though which is why I have a small pile of books I can dip into. Here’s the current selection:

Edward Thomas – Selected Poems and Prose.

I don’t read enough poetry but Thomas was a genius in his descriptions of the English countryside and nature. It’s nice to go to sleep thinking of long walks along country lanes and woods.

The portable Dorothy Parker.

A terrific mix of stories, poems, letters and articles. Dorothy Parker is famous for her brilliant wit but she was also an excellent literary critic and writer. This edition also has cut pages and a beautiful cover which makes it very inviting to pick up.

Permanent Californians

I love visiting graveyards when I travel, which is something my friends and family aren’t too keen on. I have never been to LA couldn’t hope to see all the ones included in this book so it’s the next best thing. So interesting reading about the lives of old Hollywood stars and musicians, plus people I’d never heard of.

Joseph Brodsky – Less Than One

I became fascinated with Brodsky after seeing the film about him and his parents, A Room and a Half. Exiled from Russia, he wrote many beautiful and fascinating essays in English and did so better than most native speakers. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny but always amazing in their depth and scope.



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