French New Wave month, part 1

Hello dear readers,

I’m sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been busy with work and also watching a lot of films which won’t surprise you. If you follow me on Instagram (chimesatmidnight), you’ll have seen that I’ve been reviewing a different film from the French New Wave each day. For future reference, I’m doing a post of my first 15 choices, with reviews to be included soon to go with the photos. Happy viewing!

  1. A bout de souffle/ Breathless (Jean-Luc Godard)

2. The 400 blows/ Les 400 Coups – François Truffaut

3. Le beau Serge – Claude Chabrol

4. My night with Maud/ Ma nuit chez Maud – Rohmer

5. Lola – Jacques Demy

6. Paris belongs to us/ Paris nous appartient – Jacques Rivette

7. La pointe courte – Agnès Varda

8. Lift to the scaffold/ L’ascenseur pour l’échafaud – Malle

9. Bob le flambeur – Jean-Pierre Melville

10. Last year at Marienbad/ L’année dernière à Marienbad

12. A summer’s tale/ Conte d’été – Eric Rohmer

13. Adieu Philippine – Jacques Rozier

14. Muriel – Alain Resnais

15. Silken skin/ La peau douce – Truffaut


A visit to Hidcote


I had always wanted to visit Hidcote, the famous Arts and Crafts garden in the Cotswolds created by Lawrence Johnston, the son of a wealthy American. Back in early June when it was summer and the wisteria was in bloom, I finally got my chance. Nothing can really prepare you for the astonishing beauty of the place with its linked ‘rooms’ of hedges, herbaceous plants and shrubs and it truly is one of the loveliest gardens I’ve ever visited.


IMG_9906   IMG_0041


IMG_9911 IMG_0037

IMG_0036 IMG_0035

IMG_0033 IMG_0031

IMG_0028 IMG_0022

IMG_0016 IMG_0013

IMG_0011 IMG_0005

IMG_9916 IMG_9924

IMG_9915 IMG_9914

IMG_9913 IMG_9912

IMG_9968 IMG_9958

IMG_9946 IMG_9948

IMG_9925 IMG_9923

IMG_9970 IMG_9978

IMG_9980 IMG_9993