I dream of Dior


It was Dior that made me book the Eurostar tickets. After persuading myself since summer that I didn’t need to see every exhibition and that I could be satisfied with the catalogue, I could no longer resist. For Dior is the stuff dreams are made of, whether you prefer designs by CD himself, YSL, Marc Bohan or any of the later designers. Even if you hate most of the stuff that comes down the runway today, there is nothing like the magic of a Dior dress to restore your faith in fashion and elegance.

The exhibition at Les Arts Décoratifs is not without its drawbacks. Although I had booked tickets, it was absolute chaos just getting in and then there are the enormous crowds in the first few rooms which make it almost impossible to see anything. But you forgive them that for the lighting which makes the clothes look even more exquisite. Each room is more beautiful than the previous one until you come to the grand finale – a temple of fashion with the most magnificent dresses – jewel encrusted or plain, dreams in satin, silk, tulle or taffeta – with the shimmering light show in gold overhead and on the walls. There is nothing to do but pause and gaze open-mouthed. I shall never forget the experience and can only say merci, Monsieur Dior.


My favourite dress in the whole exhibition.



7 thoughts on “I dream of Dior

      1. Thank you, Emily, each photo was more beautiful than the one before. I felt as though I was there. Did you know Dior opened a new flagship store in Chicago this past fall? I will have to get there to photo for you 🙂
        Again, thank you! It was a dream looking at your photos.

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  1. What a fantastic adventure you had Emily, I can just see you with goosebumps as you looked at each gorgeous confection displayed in front of you. Your photography is magnificent, perhaps you have missed your calling? The reader who mentioned there is a Dior store in Chicago is correct. I must admit I didn’t give it a second thought because the front façade doesn’t have the chic gravitas of the original on Avenue Montaigne. Your blog is: Beautiful, A+++!


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