Prater violet

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If truth be told, these are not recent photos at all, but rather from winter 2012 which I have never got around to sharing. I had already given up my other Berlin blog and in fact, writing anything altogether. So I hope you won’t mind me sharing them now. It’s a pity that many of my most vivid impressions of this wonderful city have now been lost but the pictures help to remind me what I love about being there. It was a very beautiful, crisp November when I visited with brilliant sunshine every day which made walking a pleasure. I also achieved a couple of my dreams – namely, returning to the Kunsthistorishes Museum to see Tintoretto’s Portrait of a White Bearded Man which features so prominently in Thomas Bernhard’s Alte Meister, one of my favourite books and the first one I ever read in German, watching The Third Man at the charming Burg Kino which shows it every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, and also taking a ride on the famous Prater ferris wheel like Holly Martins and Harry Lime so many years before.

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The Third Man at The Prater Vienna from Ian Buckland on Vimeo.